For RVFO Founder Tim Wyatt


“Tim has transformed not only himself, but the lives of the military veterans he’s come in contact with. To watch his will and desire to work with other veterans in finding hope and purpose combined with his passion for fishing, is an incredible testimony to the power of retreats, community and nature. What he’s creating through RVFO will impact lives for a lifetime. And, I couldn’t be more proud to invest in, serve and honor Tim in the work he is doing.”

~ Melissa Smith, yoga instructor, speaker and advocate MelissaSmithYoga

“Tim is a man on fire now. This renewed connection to the community he loves and the fishing he loves are now one path for Tim, one love, and he is committed to sharing it. He cares deeply for his brothers and sisters in arms and it shows in everything he does – it is the light in his face. I am honored to play a small part in Tim’s journey. Much more to come.”

~ Carl Salazar, founder of Expedition Balance

“I am constantly impressed by Tim’s enthusiasm and commitment to RVFO. His desire to serve others is inspiring. When he told me about his dream to start this non-profit, his passion was obvious. Tim explained that one of the reasons he loves fishing is because when you catch a fish, you can’t help but smile. I’m thrilled that he’s able to help other veterans find that same sense of peace and happiness.”

~ Lisa Jakub, writer LisaJakub.net